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Regulation of activities and violations of financial organizations

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The National Security Markets Authority provides the following services

We protect against violations of regulatory legislation and provide services for the protection of your funds, legal assistance and act as an authoritative regulator in the market.

  • Refund of funds

    We provide services to recover funds from the compensation fund in favor of protecting your capital from violations

    National Security Markets Authority has established a special fund to protect your assets by paying insurance to brokerage clients

    Opening accounts for businesses and individuals in foreign banks with a good reputation. We are a partner of 170 banks worldwide.

    Providing a range of services in auditing, legal, consulting and other activities.

    Assistance in obtaining licenses for brokerage firms, payment systems, online casinos, Forex and other licenses.

    Investing, asset and capital management, real estate and construction, IPO. Having a staff of experienced lawyers and specialists in these issues.

The National Security Markets Authority provides the following services

We are one of the largest financial supervisors in Europe. With more than 1,600 employees, the company adheres to a legally accepted, risk-minded approach to the functions of the regulator, based on recognized European standards.

Our activity

The National Security Markets Authority (NSMA) is a comprehensive supervision of the financial sector, brokerage organizations, dealing centers, the insurance and securities sectors, and it provides financial stability in the largest financial market in continental Europe. Its center is located in Great Britain and Belgium (Brussels), where the European Euro Commission is also located.

  • We are an independent government body.
  • We are fully funded by regulated firms, charging them a fee.
  • We are accountable to the Treasury, which is responsible for the European financial system.
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Refunds with NSMA

The National Security Markets Authority helps to compensate its funds through the compensation fund to individuals and legal entities who cannot access investment and money due to:

  • Companies that have lost their license.
  • Companies that do not withdraw money under various pretexts.
  • Companies that interfere in trade and violate a number of laws under regulation and management.
  • If at the expiration of the investment portfolio closed access to cash out.

National Security Markets Authority 1 600 employees

Our employees work in an office in the UK. They control about 1,630 broker companies, 720 financial and 40 payments. About 90 branches of foreign banks in the European Economic Area, about 540 insurers and 30 pension funds, as well as 400 capital management companies and more than 6,300 units of domestic funds accounts (as of December 31, 2017).

Compensation and asset protection

National Security Markets Authority was created as an international neutral third-party committee for fair consideration and resolution of complaints in order to facilitate a simpler and faster resolution than through industry regulators and the legal system. In addition, the commission also provides additional protection for traders through the Commission's Compensation Fund.

What is the maximum amount of compensation? The compensation fund covers only compensation up to 200,000 euros per customer.

Why it is important to file a complaint in writing

One of the tasks of the National Security Markets Authority is to ensure the protection of all consumers under the supervision of banks and financial service providers, private insurers and securities trading. Therefore, in accordance with clause 4 of the Financial Services Supervision Act (FinDAG), you can send your request directly to NSMA if you, as a client, want to file a complaint with the company.

Here are a few points to note: So, you must submit your application in writing or text using the form on this site. Your letter should always include the facts and the reason for the complaint.

How the National Security Markets Authority reviews your application

Usually, National Security Markets Authority is considering complaints in several stages

  • 1st stage

    First, it will check if your case can be assessed based on your information and the documents you provide. If not, the National Security Markets Authority clarifies the facts. To this end, he asks for the opinion of the company concerned. In most cases, the National Security Markets Authority sends your complaint letter to a controlled company.

  • 2nd stage

    The company reports to the National Security Markets Authority in detail and explains the reasons for its decision.

  • 3rd stage

    If the audit shows that the company's decision is not undesirable from a supervisory point of view, the National Security Markets Authority will inform you about it.

  • 4th stage

    If it turns out that the National Security Markets Authority must intervene as a supervisory authority, it will continue to deal with the relevant company. However, the European Financial Regulator cannot inform you of the outcome of this dispute, as this is a confidentiality obligation.